Jeep XJ muffler repalcement

Using a Thrush Glass pack to get more clearance

For years I ran a straight pipe on my Jeep. I liked the sound but after hours on the trail the noise would get to me.

So a couple of years ago, I replaced the entire exhaust system with stock style components. The truck has been nice and quite since then.

However, the stock muffler is not very strong. And, it hangs in a place susceptible to damage. After just a few trips off road, mine was crushed

.I decide to try using a Thrush glasspack. This muffler is tough being just a tube and is smaller giving more clearance underneath the Jeep.

The closest match I could find was the Thrush 24203. It has the same inlet and outlet as the stock muffler but is one inch longer than the stock muffler. I tried using the tail pipe like it came but the arch over the axle did not line up properly. So I cut one inch off the tail pipe at the end that joins the muffler and put everything back in the stock alignment.

I was surprised that the glass pack is not really any louder than the Walker muffler I had before. It has just a little more rumble but not annoying like the straight pipe was. It will be interesting to see how it holds up to rocks.