Fun Workplace Safety Training

Making Workplace Safety Training Fun

Nothing is worse than having to sit through a boring safety training session after you have been working for eight to twelve hours. I always hated those end of shift training meetings that were held just to satisfy some requirement. Even worse were the classes held on what was supposed to be my day off.

Many workplace safety training sessions have more of a tendency to promote workplace violence than they do to inspire workplace safety. Let’s look at ways to improve the classes.

The first step is to understand the audience. These are hard working people who simply want to get the job done with the least effort and return to their homes and families able to enjoy their time off.

They are not generally people looking for ways to get hurt and cost the company money. Unfortunately, many workplace safety training classes I have attended seem to make the assumption that these people all have a death wish and we have to train them not to exercise that desire here at work.

If workers are taught the right way to do their jobs, they will be much safer and more productive at the same time. Use the safety training sessions as a time to show the workers the proper and safest ways to do their work. Don’t focus on the list of things not to do. Focus the training on the ways to do the job safety and correctly.

To add some humorous contrast to the class, do a skit where the job task is done hilariously wrong. Just be sure to follow this up with a skit where the job is done right. Make sure the workers leave with the right way to do the job fresh in their minds.

Conducting a class in this manner will do two important things for employee morale. First, if your skits accurately portray the job, then your employees will begin to believe that you actually understand what they go through on a daily basis. They will begin to trust you more.

Second, by showing them the right way to do the job, they will see that you actually care about their well being and are not simply concerned with how much money they might cost you when they get hurt.

To provide truly effective workplace safety training for your employees, respect their time. It is not enough that they are getting paid to be there, they want to feel that they are actually learning something of value. Make the training meaningful. Make the training relevant. Most of all, make your workplace safety training fun.

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Jeep Cherokee Spark Plugs


Many people ask about what spark plugs I recommend in the Jeep 4.0 engine. I prefer the Champion RC9YC. Many people cross this to the Autolite 3923 which I have also used successfully. However Lee of Hesco has this recommendation:

The plug for the 4.2L head that works is the RC12YC @ .037 gap, if you get ping try RC9YC @ .045 gap. The 4.0L head likes the RC9YC @ .040 GAP.

In my daily driver I am currently running the Autolite 3923 with a .045 gap.

I have experimented with things like the Bosh platinum and other expensive plugs. However the standard Champion plugs seems to work the best. The Autolites work almost as well and will do when I can;t get the Champions. Lee says that the Autolite is a hotter plug and can cause pinging.

Reducing Stomach Problems

I often don’t like to eat lunch because I usually have stomach problems in the afternoon. While I enjoy the social aspect of eating lunch the stomach pains and bloated feeling gets in the way of my productivity in the afternoon.

This week I have been experimenting with Market America Isotonix Digestive Enzymes. I just put half a pack in water and drink it with the meal.

Yesterday we had lunch at Burger King and even while we were still at the table I started to feel icky. I remembered my digestive enzymes in my pocket and I mixed the up in my drink cup and slurped them down. By the time I was back at the office I had totally forgotten my stomach pain.

Today, I remembered to take th enzymes before I went to lunch. Now I am back at the office feeling fine and ready to type.

When mixed with water the enzymes have a taste sorta like Gatorade. A little salty and slightly sweet. Not bad at all.

But I really like the way they make me feel. I am sure I will see an overall boost in productivity since I won’t loose an hour or so after lunch thinking about my stomach.

The digestive enzymes are available from Market America. Search for Isotonix® Digestive Enzyme with Probiotics.

Reccomended Jeep Cherokee Lift Kit

My favorite lift kit for the Jeep Cherokee is part number ZX071866W from JC Whitney. This is a three inch lift that includes an extra leaf for the rear spring pack and a block. It also comes with new front springs.

Click the link below and search for ZX071866W. The price is currently $120 but it varies from time to time.

JC Whitney Free Shipping!  Click for details

I have this kit installed on my 88 XJ with 33″ tires. I had to cut the fenders a bit to fit 33’s. Jenny has the same kit on her Jeep with 31″ tires.

It is amazing that this kit comes with new front springs and an extra leaf for the rear andf blocks for the rear for just $120. Most lift springs alone cost more than this.

Smoking Tires

This past weekend at 100AW I got to spend a little time with Ken Block. Ken won the 100 Acre Wood rally in his Subaru. Here is a cool video of him doing some fun drifting. I love the way he lives his dreams!

Kumho Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke Tire

Kumho Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke Tire

Kumho Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke Tire priced from $127.