Hacking with Sugru

Hacking with Sugru

I have been reading about Sugru on several websites. I finally decided to order some and see what all the fuss is about.

I looked through the various bright colors and decided that black was really the only color I could see my self using for the projects I had in mind. It took some looking but I finally found where to order single color packs on the website. I entered my info and waited. My envelope arrived a few days alter and I was anxious to try out a packet.

I was at first surprised at how small the packets were. Somehow I had expected more volume for $15 but if it lives up to its reputation, it will be worth the price of admission.

For my first hack, as they call it, I decided to repair my broken key chain flash drive. It get s a lot of use and abuse and the case has been held together with tape for a while. More and more bits of plastic crumble off it each day. The exposed circuit board was beginning to worry me so it was an ideal test for my first Sugru hack.

I realized that about half a pack was all I was going to need for the repair. I did not want to waste the rest of the pack so I looked around for something else to test it on. I found a 2M radio that had an exposed wire at the power cord. Electrical tape keeps coming of the joint so I decided to try the Sugru.

For the thumb drive, I had to do a little prep work. The drive slips into a cover that is the key chain part. I needed to make sure the Sugru covered the damaged area but did not interfere with slipping it into the case. I read in the instructions that soap is a release agent. So I coated the case with dish soap and then molded the repair blob around the broken end of the drive. While it was still moldable, I slipped it into the cover. This made the Sugur form around the cover edge. I molded it in to the shape I wanted and let it set hoping it would really release for the cover.

The remaining Sugru, I molded into a blob around the wire side of the connector on the radio. I had a lot more confidence in this repair as I was able to work the putty between the wires and give it some mechanical grip as well as its adhesive powers.

After letting both tests set overnight I am pleased with the results in both cases. The thumb drive stuck a little in the cover but I was able to pull it out with a little force. It looks much better than the tape and exposed circuits. I think it is well protected now and should last a while.

The radio wire repair looks nice too. The joint is flexible and is much neater than having electrical tape wrapped around it. I am looking forward to hacking more things with Sugru.