Brake replacement on 2006 Honda Odyssey

Brake replacement on 2006 Honda Odyssey



I began with front brakes. I lifted the van and removed the wheel and tire.  The brake caliper is held to the bracket with two bolts with 14mm heads.  I had to use a 17 mm wrench to hold the slider pin to remove the bolt from it.  Since I was also changing the rotors, I then removed the bracket that holds the pads.  It was easy to just leave the pads in the bracket and take them out once the bracket was off the hub.


The rotor is held to the hub by two Phillips head screws. I had to use an impact driver to loosen them. One still stripped out and had to be drilled.


I put on the new rotor which was first cleaned with brake cleaner. I then put the screw back in to hold it to the hub.  The rotor will only fit one way due to the arrangement of the small screws.


I then put the new pads in the bracket and bolted it back in place.  In order to press the pistons back into the caliper, I used an old brake pad and two C clamps. Once the piston was pressed back in, I reinstalled the caliper. I then replaced the wheel and moved to the other side.


Wheel nut torque is 95 ft lbs


The rear is very similar just smaller. The caliper bolts have 12mm heads.  I removed them the same way as in the front and again left the pads in the bracket as I removed it.  The rear rotors have the emergency brake pads inside so make sure the emergency brake is off before trying to remove the rotor.  The emergency shoes looked fine on this van so I did not replace them.


I put new pads in the holder and bolted it in place. The rear calipers are single piston so pressing them back in is easier than in the front.  with the caliper sand wheel bolted back on, I was nearly done.


Before putting he van in reverse, I pumped the brakes to take up the slack caused by pressing the pistons back into the calipers.  Once on the road, I did five careful slowdowns from 30 to 5 being careful not to come to a complete stop.  I then accelerated to 45 and made to more aggressive slows to 5.  I could then feel the pads biting more indicating that a transfer layer had been formed on the new rotors.