Safety wire

I have never given much thought to safety wire. We used it on several critical fasteners on the printing press I used to maintain, but I did not even keep the pliers when I left there.

However on our new to us Porsche Race car, the shift linkage was supposed to be safety wired and was not. This caused the shift linkage to fail on one of my starts up the hill at the Dragon Hill Climb. Not being familiar withe way the shift linkage operated, I first loaded it up and headed back how to the shop. However after consulting a mechanic friend, I decided to stop and take another look.

I set the trailer ramps on jack stands and backed the car out to make a mini work pit. With better visibility I was able to see that the set screw had backed out.


I put it back and we went back racing. But it came out again. I was much faster at putting it back but I knew I had to do something different. The folks on the FL/GA 944 owners group suggested safety wiring.

I ordered a set of pliers. I also noticed that there was already a hole in the bolt head so it was intended to be safety wired.

Here is the result:


I also decided that the cheap pliers I ordered from Amazon are nothing like the ones I used to use. I will be searching for a set of Milbar pliers in the near future.