Adjusting the steering box on a Jeep XJ

How to tighten up the steering box on a Jeep Cherokee XJ.

The Jeep Cherokee uses a saginaw steering box like many other vehicles. You could swap in one form a Chevy or a Durango if you wanted to change the steering ratio. I prefer to just keep the stock one.

To access the adjuster screw, you have to remove the electric fan. You can get more space by removing the air box but that is not entirely necessary.

Steering box adjustment Jeep Cherokee XJ

On most Jeeps the hole in the adjuster will be full of mud and ned to be cleaned with a pick. A 3/16 allen wrench fits most. The lock nut is often a 5/8.

Loosen the lock nut using a box end wrench. Leave the wrench on the nut and place an allen in the hole. Tighten the screw until play is reduced. You can check by turning the steering shaft and checking the play.

If you get ti too tight the steering will have drag and will not self center after a turn. Take a test drive before calling it done. Hold the allen wrench and tighten the lock nut.

Reinstall the electric fan. Test drive and adjust again as needed.