Remote control for my Shop fan

Adding remote control to my shop exhaust fan.

While walking through Home Depot I noticed a remote control for tree lighting on clearance. It looked like the just what I have been needing for my shop exhaust fan.

I have the fan wired to come on with the lights but in the winter, I don’t always want it on. Since ti is mouthed high in the end wall of the shop accessit to turn on the switch is a bit of a pain. I could have run wires to the ground to make it easier but I just have not taken time to do so. I just think about it every time I climb up to turn on or off the fan.

Now I have the Treemote! I mounted the remote near the front door so I can now easily turn on and off the fan with no climbing.

Searching Amazon, I noticed several more appropriate switched outlets but for now I like my Treemote.