Mazda 3 Oil change

How to change the oil and filter on a Mazda 3

My Mazda 3 was overdue for an oil change and my lift was still out of service. So I decided to do it the old fashioned way. By laying on the ground.

I began by ordering oil and a filter from Amazon.

Mazda 3 oil filter

Next I had to figure out how to get under the car. With the Jeeps, especially the lifted ones, I can just reach under and get to the drain plug. The Mazda needed to get up in the air a bit. And my ramps were too steep. I used some two by four scrap to help out.

ONce in the air, I crawled under and found the drain plug. It takes a 17mm wrench. The oil filter is easy to access through a large hole in the splash pan.

After removing the plug, I drained the oil into a pan. There was also a lot that came out when I removed the filter so I had to reposition the pan.

I then installed a new copper washer on the drain plug.

I reinstalled the drain plug and screwed on a new oil filter. I used some oil to lubricate the rubber seal first.

Then I added new oil and fired it up. I gave it a moment to pick up the oil and fill the filter before placing the car in reverse to drive off the ramps.

I should be good for another 5000 miles.