Dad’s XJ Wagoneer

My Dad has a renix Wagoneer that he and my son restored.

My son bought this Jeep from his high school history teacher. He and my dad repainted it and Scott restored the interior using parts from Pull a Part and from another donor Wagoneer he found.

XJ Wagoneer Renix

The engine is a 4.7 stroker motor from Titan Engines. It was originally fitted with Ford injectors as recommended by Titan. However we found that it always ran too rich. With data collected from the REM tool, we found that Injectors from a 91 Cherokee would keep it in closed loop more often and helped it get under control quicker at start up. I used 4 hole injectors from K Suspension.

The little truck is very torquey with the stroker motor and is a bit of a sleeper. Stop light are fun as people don’t expect the little wood paneled truck to launch so quickly.

The suspension is upgraded with polyurethane bushings in the front giving the heavy front axle a firmer connection to the unibody. It has the largest sway bars I could find on both ends adding to its road holding ability. Not quite equal to my Porsche, but it is really fun to drive in the mountains. Again, it will surprise people in the corners.

Wagoneer Limited
Xj wagoneer limited
4.7 stroker motor

The interior is kept in top condition by using 303 protectant products to clean and protect.