Jeep Cherokee Engine removal and teardown

I finally decided to pull my engine and give it a refresh. 450,000 miles.

First I set the transmission on a jack and removed the cross member.

Next I removed the drive shafts and the exhaust.

Then I lowered the transmission slightly and removed the transfer case.

Next I placed a transmission jack under the transmission and removed it from the engine.

I then removed and inspected the flex plate which I suspected was making noise. It was cracked.

Then I disconnected all the wires and the other lines. I also removed the radiator and the fan to get a bit more room. I was not able to move the ac compressor out of the way so I had to disconnect the freon lines. But I was able to remove the engine with the hood and header still in place.

I then mounted the engine on a stand. I used two of the bellhousing bolts and some threaded rod for the upper two bolts.

I then removed the valve cover. I was surprised at the lack of sludge. I guess the castrol oil did pretty good.

Next I removed the rockers and push rods.

Then I pulled the head bolts. They were very difficult to break loose.

There is quite a wear ridge on the cylinder bores. I will measure them before I decide whether to rebore or get another block.

Next I removed the oil pan. I pulled the number one rod bearing cap to inspect. The bearing looked surprisingly good for it age.