Transfer case linkage bushing Jeep XJ

Tightening up the linkage in a Jeep Cherokee XJ with new bushings

My son’s 1991 Jeep cherokee had a problem where when you put it in four wheel drive, it would stay there. Since he has a 231 transfer case, this was not good on dry pavement.

To get it out of 4HI, I had to crawl under neath and pop it out with a pry bar. I could see the problem right away. The bushing at the transfer case was worn out allowing the lever to move around on the rod.

I found that Amazon had the bushing so I ordered a couple. They are kinda expensive for a small piece of plastic but not too bad.

I used a long screw driver to pry the rod out of both the transfer case and the bellcrank. It has to be twisted just a bit to get it to clear the trasnfer case lever so I had to remove both ends. Taking it all the way out alos allowed me to clean it a bit.

I coated the small end of the bushing with some rubber lubricant ans pressed it in the hole using some vise grips. I then put the rod back in place once again using vise grips to press the rod into the bushing.

Testing showed there was still some play in the linkage. I finally found that the bushing for the transmission side of the bellcrank was missing. Well not completely missing, it was just installed on the wrong side and had popped out.

I had to pop the rod out of the cab lever to be able to move the linkage around enough to get it to slide out. It was difficult with the bushing on the wrong side.

I started to reuse the old bushing but since I had a new one, I replaced it. I was not able to fit the vise grips in the available space so I used my pry bar to press the busing in. I have no idea how the previous mechanic got the bushing in from the back side.

I then popped all the rods back into place and found all the play gone out of the linkage. I did have to adjust the linkage so the bellcrank bushing has probably been a problem since he has owned the Jeep.

The linkage is adjusted by loosening the set screw on the rod and moving the transfer case to two wheel drive with eh cab lever all the way down. Then tighten the set screw on the linkage and test for full engagement of 4LOW. With everything else tight it only took one try to get it right this time.

Now he can use for wheel dive whenever it is needed. I can save the AZZY linkage for a different Jeep. Probably one of mine.