ABS light 2009 F250

Replacing a front wheel sensor on a 2009 F250

The ABS light came on after my trip to Royal Blue. I did not have any clue as to why.

I bought a Bluetooth OBDII dongle and got the free FordSys app. Torque would not give me the ABS codes. The FordSys app did. There was a warning that the app might not work with the cheap dongle but this one worked fine.

The code was for the left front wheel sensor. A quick visual inspection showed the wire to the sensor was broken. I think a squirrel ate it.

So I ordered a sensor from Amazon. AUTEX 1pc ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Front Left/Right 

I jacked up the truck and removed the wheel. Then I pulled the caliper and rotor. WIth the rotor off the sensor is easily visible right on top.

I removed the allen bolt that holds it in place. I bent back the tab in the backing plate to get more access. I removed the three small bolts that hold the wire down the removed the two clips.

I then threaded in the new sensor. I benteh tab back down and tightened all the bolts. I clipped the two clips in place. I then pulled the old wire form the harness connector and installed the new wire.

I put the rotor and caliper back in place. I balanced the wheel and then put it back on.

The ABS light was off when I restarted the truck.