Isuzu Amigo CV axle reinstall

Reinstall of a CV axle in a 1990 Isuzu Amigo

Last week we removed the CV axle from Tom’s Amigo. We damaged a seal in the process and had to order one. This week we put the axle back.

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We began by lifting the truck and pulling the wheel. We then removed the brake caliper at the support bracket. All the parts we temporarily put back in in order to drive the Amigo out of the shop last week. 

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We mounted the new axle in the housing flange and installed the new seal, C clip, new bearing, and the other C clip. Then we set about trying to work the assembly back into the truck.

We had to remove the steering idler arm, shock absorber, bump stop and sway bar to make enough room. We had to set the steering in just the right place and work the axle housing up and down to maneuver the plate and axle assembly back into position. Luckily we had Gary to help us today as it took three of us to get the assembly into position. We then used some Indian Head Shelack to seal the axle end and bolted it all into place.

We then replace the ball joints since they were out. We then reinstalled the knuckle. Next, we replaced the locking ring and set the bearing preload. Next, we replaced the three Phillips screws. Then we installed the hub flange and inner gear. We carefully seated the c clip and made sure it was secure in its groove.

We then replaced the sway bar, the front skid plate and the cross member that we had removed to get clearance to remove the axle. The shop manual recommends removing the lower control arms and dropping the entire axle assembly. When we do the long side, I think we will try that method.

Parts for this truck have become harder to get lately.  I finally found the proper seals and bearings at Parts Geek.  Several places listed an inner and outer seal but none of them looked like what we destroyed.  I was finally able to cross a partial part number for the seal.

The Seal part number is NOK W0133-1838694.  The OEM number was 8-94366-610-0. It can possibly be crossed to a Honda Part number.  I also ordered new bearings – Timken 106FL. .

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