The clock reads 12:34.  I have been noticing this strange number combination for years.  It seems to have some significance.  I have read where others have noticed synchronises with the time 11:11 but, I have not made much of a connection with that time.  The number for me is 12:34.

Steve Pavlina recently posted some interesting information about his connection to 11:11 so I decided to look more into my connection with 12:34.

I have been studying spiritual prosperity recently and I noticed that Luke 12:34 is “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

This fits with what I have been learning.

Steve gives some tips on how to use the magic numbers to help get insights into your subconscious.  I plan to start looking into how the number 12:34  shows up and pay attention to what I am thinking in that moment.

I often wake up in the night an notice that the clock reads 12:34.  I will also have to start paying attention to what I was dreaming about when I wake up at this time.

If you also have a match with 12:34, please comment.

Update: More on 12:34 and also some thoughts on 11:11 in this post: 11:11

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  1. I also seem to have an affinity with 12:34. For years I’ve glanced at the clock and of says that very time. Let me know how you are proposing to determine meaning/correspondences. For the record I was lamenting my disatisfaction at my current life circumstances when I saw the link to your site on reedit. I expect life-changing events to come from this chance communication 😉

  2. One way I am using the signals is that if I get an idea around 12:34. If the clock reads say 12:33 then it is not yet time to implement. If the clock reads 12:35 then I am behind or maybe too late. No eppi – trees yet but I am still collecting data.


  3. I too have been seeing 12:34 every time I check the clock. Whats up with that?! Day or night it doesn’t matter, 8 times out of 10 it says its 12:34. Should I make a wish or something? lol. What is the meaning behind this reoccuring time?

  4. I too have been seeing 12:34 every time I check the clock. Whats up with that?! Day or night it doesn’t matter, 8 times out of 10 it says its 12:34. Should I make a wish or something? lol. I feel as though I’m being “haunted” by this time. Its so strange that this time keeps poping up everytime I glance at a clock, any clock. What is the meaning behind this reoccuring time? Please feel free to email me if you have any info on 12:34.

  5. hey i too been seeing 12:34 for like the last 4 years … i think it is really cazy. i would get phone calls on the time, ill wake up, ill be at work and look up at the time. its really bazarre that i see it all the time .. but it is never a negative thing that happens .. so thank god. i think it is a sign by god. i put it in the search engine and this came up… it may help yall too. Luke 12:34 is “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
    . other ones came up too.. take it how ever u see it ..

  6. Me once again catching the clock at 12:34 is what prompted me to ‘google it’ and find that I’m not alone. Keep me posted too!

  7. hey, I’m experiencing the same thing. If you’d like to talk about it more, please shoot me an email. I found your site through google.

  8. Hey – this just started happening to me a couple months ago. I’ve seen number sequences (11:11, 444, 777), etc. at significant moments for years now, but the 1234 thing is new. I found your article because it just happened again (probably the twentieth or so time in the past couple weeks), and I’m looking for clues.

    It’s not just you!

  9. This has been happening to me as well so I decided to google it. I usually see it PM/AM everyday and the pattern became apparent to me.

  10. I am also kinda scared with this number… Everytime I look at the clock it’s 12:34, that’s so bizarre!!! Does anybody know the meaning of that? Thank you guys!

  11. Yeah, its weird. I always seem to notice the clock at this time. I suppose out of the millions of people on the internet this shouldn’t be that strange, but I definitely feel like it happens a lot.

  12. 12:34 for me started a couple of months after I became sober and started giving into Gods will. Almost everyday it seemed, for at least a month, I would look at the clock at 12:34. Sometimes I just think, that seeing how I consciencely noticed the happeneing, my sub-conscience would direct me to look at the clock at that specific time. The falacy lies at the times that I know different clocks are not in sync with each other and the same occurance happens. It has also occured with totals of purchases on more than one occassion. I read that it is “playfull” angels exposing their existence. I too, have also read some bible versus, but cannot make any link to connect any of them. I do believe it is a spiritual happening, I just can’t grasp of what type it may be. Maybe I shouldn’t try to dig deep and just accept it for what it is, a sign that God is in my life.

  13. For me I think I figured it out. The 4 steps for becoming right with God.

    1. Turn your life and will over to the care of God
    2. Confess your sins and repent.
    3. Admit Jesus as your Lord and Savior to someone else.
    4. Get Baptized.

    I did a lot of research on 12:34, and that’s what I came up with. Yesterday (Easter) I finalized all four steps and got Baptized. I was asking for a sign, anything, from God to show me what to do and that He’s in my life. I believe now, that God was showing me 1, 2, 3, 4, the Road to Salvation.

  14. I agree that this is strange. Today was the first time in 7 years that i decided to look something up about it and see if i was the only person seeing this. After all this time, I don’t think it’s mere coincidence anymore. Maybe there’s more, or maybe it’s a waste of my time and yours for me to even be writing this.

  15. Mike…

    I too have the 12:34 issue. Last night I started searching on the Internet and found, probably like yourself, quite an online community! The site I’ve been reading on is the “11:11 Angels Board.”

    I also evidently have the issue with street lamps turning off when I’m near them. I never even thought about the two being connected, but I realized different last night.

    Great to find others in this boat!

  16. I am a BIG 12:34 as well. It seems to me that 6 out of 10 times i look at the clock that is the exact time. I have a very christian friend and he feels that numbers tell you different things… similar to the Luke verse you were talking about above. What I was wondering if other people have late hours like myself which makes that 12:34 very easy for me to see being that i work late at night and get out and go at like 10 in the morning.

    Just very crazy and i had to look it up because it happened again to me today.

  17. This has been a constant thing for me for years as well. Not sure why I waited until now to see what’s up. I’m in the midst of a spiritual crisis or expansion or exploration, whatever you want to call it. I find it very very interesting to see that there is a possible biblical connection since I’m decidedly non-christian but have recently been … um… touched, I guess, by the Christian God.
    Is it also odd that a bunch of us are all starting to look into it now, with increasing frequency?
    I no longer believe in coincidence due to recent events in my life, so I’m forced to concede that ‘something’ is happening here. Glad I’m not alone.

  18. This is indeed an enigma… I have a lot of experiences with 12:34. i notice it when i look at the clock, even if it is AM/PM it just happens…and it’s been happening countless times. i tried to look for a meaning to this, and i found your site. I will try your method of interpretations, especially the one which involves thinking about something during the 12:34 experience.

    More power to 12:34!

  19. I need to ask a question for all of those who have visited this site, have you recently had some kind of spritual awakening which has made you more aware of the presence of God?

  20. I have always been interested in spirituality. However, growing up Baptist limited my exploration of the matter. Now that I am attending Unity and learning more about universal principles, I have had even more of a spiritual awakening.

  21. Finally decided to google this strange event that has been happening to me frequently for years now. I’m glad that I found this site and yes, it seems that it maybe started happening sometime after I decided to let god into my heart. I do feel like this is a sign and welcome it. Glad to see that there are others!

  22. This is very scary ! I have been seeing this since I was 19 years old. I have allways had the feeling if I die I want it to be saving someones life ! I am 45 now. I’m not sure of the meaning of 12:34 but when I closed on my house the check # was 1234 ! I thought this was something for my family but nothing. I am looking for an answer……. good or bad I want to know what this means. I believe in a higher being but not sure if it is GOD. I hope I can find an answer soon . I am glad to see that there is others but….we need an answer.

  23. A friend sent me this link when i posted the following note on facebook:

    For the better part of the past 12 years, a strange thing has occured pretty much daily (cannot remember the last time it did NOT happen).

    When randomly looking at the time on a clock, watch, or radio, I have seen the time of 12:34 at least once, sometimes both times it occurs in a day (and sometimes even more if one of those were fast or slow).

    Some of my friends may remember me mentioning this many years ago.

    Yes, it still happens.

    It recently occured to me that around the same time I began noticing this freaky coincidence is about the same time that I began to have trouble sleeping. (7th grade)

    Yes, I still have trouble sleeping.

    Could there be some correlation between this time or number and my sleeplessness? Is there some repressed memory that is a cause for this “troublesome time”? Is it just a continual coinkydink that the two co-exist in my day to day? Or could it be a premonition of some future event?

    It baffles me.

    Does something like this happen to anyone else?

    Is it a curse?

    Or am I just strange? That must be it. I’m just strange.

  24. I have had this problem for years. I do not believe it is a good omen. I believe it will be the end for me at 12:34. Something in my life or afterlife is connected with 12:34. “Time” will tell.

  25. This number is eating me up inside and has taken over my life. I need an answer. I have yet to find one In Manteno.IL.

  26. My name is Joshua and i have been noticing the time 12:34 when o turn on my car , wake up in the morning, look at a clock or cell phone and even recieve important texts at this time. I thought of it as a joke for about a year now and even friends have noticed and witnessed this weirdness with me. Until today i googled the problem an ran onto this site , I think its very scary. Also weird thing have happened lately. The day Barack obama was president my car was hit while parked , the next month on friday the 13th my car was hit again in another city while parked.. I really am not joking about the time 12:34

  27. Until today when i got a phone call from a a relative at 12:34 needing a ride in the middle of the night. . this time has been haunting me and i am very curious to know what it means.

  28. Not even sure how I ended up here… just got the urge to type in “12:34” in my Google search. Like most of you, 12:34 is a part of my life – it started when I was very young. A digital clock back then, was one with numbers that “flipped” down as the minutes and hours went by. Forty years later, if I give my self the chance to notice it, 12:34 is still there. For me, it gives me a good feeling inside when I see the numbers, happiness if you will, perhaps even reassurance that something from my youth still exists.

    But I am also very interested in what Chris said above about the street lights going off when he (she?) gets near them, as I too seem to have this happen. Is there more talk about this street light occurence elsewhere on the net? In my case, the lights go on AND off. My kids think I have some type of super power related to electricity.

  29. For as long as I can remember I have always been compelled to look at the time at exactly 12:34….in line at a grocery store or while I might be taking a nap….something tells me to check the time…and it’s always those numbers. It doesn’t happen everyday, twice a day, but enough times to make me wonder why. When it happens I don’t get any feelings, good or bad. I would really like to know why this happens.

  30. People this thing is really scaring me now, cause with me its the street lights
    turning on or off when i’m near them and also this 12:34. Can somebody please find the real meaning to this. I always thought that this had something to do with my ansestors but now i’m confused. anyone with any link that has got the real meaning of this PLEASE PLEASE publish it.
    Realising that i’m not alone made me cry a bit.

  31. I’ve always seemed to have had some kind of connection with this combonation. I don’t want to think of it as anything, yet it seems to happen a lot. I always seem to look at the time exactly on that time…whether it be day or night. Whether I just wake up randomly or if I’m just walking around checking my phone. Somehow I’m always looking at this time…I’m eventually going to look more into this. Maybe pay more attention to what I’m doing during the durations of when I do look.

    Because everyday its the same thing. Whether its day or night, I never go a day without looking at that number. It seems to alternate at times, between day or night, sometimes I’ll just randomly wake up from a deep sleep at that time. It really doesn’t make much sense to me. I need to figure this whole thing out at some point.

  32. I look at 12:34am/pm almost daily. I just went to put a beastie boys song on and figures, the length of the song is 12minutes and 34 seconds…

  33. Well im 17 years old n have been seeing 12:34 for quite sometime now. It doesnt matter where i am, i could be in school, look at my phone, wake up n its 12:34. i could have sworn this is the time i was goin to die. but apparently many people see this number. Mear coincedence that last night i put my alarm at 12:34 n my alarm didnt go off n i checked and had no reasonable explanation y it couldnt have not gone off.
    it creeps me out. i still would like to know wat it means

  34. I’ve also noticed 12:34 (usually late at night) for the past several years and now that I think about it, ever since I started noticing that time my internet has gotten really bad (even for dialup) and our caller ID doesn’t work all the time anymore. I’ve also noticed that if I wish for something to happen without really thinking about it, it usually happens. Usually it’s just rain (I like the rain strangely enough) but I also believe it’s how I met my girlfriend (she’s exactly what I wanted in a girlfriend). I’ve also become less affiliated with christianity but more aware of God and I’m starting to feel certain teachings about Him are wrong, though not all of them.

  35. And to think that I thought I was the only one who thought that seeing 12:34 was odd. Well at least I’m not alone on this one. There’d be times I’d be watching t.v. look at the microwave and see the time 12:34. I’ve woken up only to look at the clock by my bed, and see the time 12:34. Other times, I’ll pick up my cell and see the same thing. This is something that I have been noticing for several years, but could never figure out why I felt that this sequence of numbers was odd. But I did feel that there must be something about it to make me take notice.
    Today, I picked up my cell, sure enough, 12:34. Like everyone else, decided to google it, which did lead me to this site. And now I know, I am not alone and not the only one. Thank you all!!
    But, I would like to know why, or what these numbers mean for me, to me. Nothing bad has happened, which I am grateful. Recently did receive a call for a job. I received the call at 12:35, which would indicate that the call had to be started at 12:34 (+/- 30 sec). So, that was a good time. I too, will be taking notice as to what is going on or what I am thinking of at the time I notice these sequence of numbers. But would love to know.

  36. I always look at the clock at 12:34, all the time, like over 150 times or more, no joke. I’ve interpreted it from God as, “Everything will be okay.”
    I don’t know, it’s weird though.

  37. 12:34 realmente esto significa algo. desde hace 7 o 8 años este numero ME PERSIGUE. Aun cuando trato de no ver la hora algo sucede para que lo haga. suena el celular a esa hora, o hasta en la radio me lo dice, o enciendo la tv y ahi esta!! pero ya no solamente a las 12:34 tambien a toda hora y 34 minutos,siempre. al principio me daba temor ,pero ahora me sorprende,porque lo hable con mi gente y a ellos nunca le ocurre.¿?He tratado de asociarla con momentos especiales o el pensamientos que tengo en ese instante,etc. pero nada es regular. tampoco me provoca suerte en el azar.pero me inquieta y al leer los otros comentarios me siento totalmente identificado con cada uno de ustedes amigos. creo que deberiamos encontrar entre nosotros un denominador en comun. se que es una marca o una mensaje o algo por estilo y no logro descifrarlo. He buscado en La Biblia todos los pasajes en 34 pero no creo q sea la respuesta. mi nombre es Ariel Piovano,tengo 39 años y resido en Argentina mi mail lukas33_yo@hotmail.com.

  38. I’m 32 yrs old and I have seen the nmber’s 12:34 over a thousand times in my life. From as young as I can remember. I can’t explain it. Sometimes I won’t notice it for a couple weeks and then I’ll notice it 6-8 times a week for weeks at a time. I have also had hundreds of dreams come true, I don’t know if anyone else has the same connection or not. I would like to talk to someone about all this, but I don’t know anyone else that goes through this. Fell free to email me:


  39. I see both 11:11, 1:11, 12:34 all the time!! day, night doesn’t matter, in fact 12:34 just happened again so I had to search – yet again looking for any new information…

  40. Elias

    1234 on my clocks all the time like everyone else here! not very spiritual…kinda scared of the whole afterlife so i don’t really think about it.
    i am baptised,i do go to church on occasions…

    its been happening for a couple of years now…. and also!!! which i find really interesting like someone else wrote… street lights Often turn off and on when i walk or drive underneath them!!!

    if anyone cracks the code , let me know!


    I too have the 12:34 issue. Last night I started searching on the Internet and found, probably like yourself, quite an online community! The site I’ve been reading on is the “11:11 Angels Board.”

    I also evidently have the issue with street lamps turning off when I’m near them. I never even thought about the two being connected, but I realized different last night.

    Great to find others in this boat!”””””””””””””

  41. Oohh Thank God I’m not the only person going thru this! I’m 18yrs young, I’ve been chased by 12:34 for about 2 1/2 years now. At first, I thought it was freaky, & pretty much thought of it as a bad thing. But my brother told me to look at it as a positive thing. Since I saw this 12:34 once again last night I thouht Id look it up 2day! I love reading all your post, I’m not alone anymore lol. I’ll keep reading! Thank you all!

  42. 12:34…..every day when i get to work i look at the clock and it says 12:34….its bugging me! just a bit ago i looked and it said 12:34….is God trying to tell me something? or is it just an odd occurance???

  43. i began noticing times like 12:34, 11:11, 1:11, and many others a little over four years ago. it happened right about the same time i kicked my drug addiction and accepted God back into my life. I dont see how a “spiritual awakening” and the times i see on a clock can be related, but the more i read about it, the more i begin to think that the two could be linked. I have also realized that this is nota puzzle that can be solved. It is something we need to just accept as a part of our life and reallze that if it is somehow a sign from God, that hopefully soon enough it will begin to unravel itself. Afterall, we have all experienced this for a very long time but have apparently only recently began to research it. That is what i find to be the strangest coincidence of all.

  44. I have the same problems and concerns with this time, 12:34, I looked into it from a numerologic point-of-view, 1+2+3+4=10, 1+0=1, 1 seems to be a correlating number when it has to do with any given time during the day that I (just so happen to) look at the clock or wake up at, occurrences in actual reality seem to tie together and progresses true parts of your universe simply by following your ture feelings at that moment. Times like 2:17 for example, 2+1+7=10, 5:59, 5+5+9=19, 1+9=10, this is a phenomenon that happens on a daily basis, I have found that the hours of the day, 1, 5, and 10 are related because each contain 7 occurrences, and all the rest contain 6, in fact, in your list of comments already I found that A, Nancy, Joshua a.b.Walker, Ed, and Shelly F submitted their comments at a number that is 1 or 10, Admin, George, Cassandra, and Devin submitted at a 5 time, they are related. I have alot of study and research concerning the subject and if you have any concerns in context to my studies I will be happy to share them with you via e-mail. Keep in touch my friend, and keep up the study, it only gets more interesting from here.

  45. its only been happening to me for a few weeks.not more than a month.been noticing 12 34 both times everyday n the coincidence has been bugging me.i woke up at exactly 12 34 today and just had to google it.im not even remotely spiritual,hindu by birth.relieved that it happens to so many people but the god connection is a bit scary.if there is any other explanation,please tell me!

  46. These people are trying to find a reason to be significant. people want significance in their life when there really isn’t. All these things are coincidences that we try to find a meaning for. For example, when left alone, I will ALWAYS wake up around 9:24, or some time around there, but i guarantee you it doesn’t mean anything, its my body clock. If you really think that 12:34 or something similar is like a conspiracy of your life, you are crazy.

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