The clock reads 12:34.  I have been noticing this strange number combination for years.  It seems to have some significance.  I have read where others have noticed synchronises with the time 11:11 but, I have not made much of a connection with that time.  The number for me is 12:34.

Steve Pavlina recently posted some interesting information about his connection to 11:11 so I decided to look more into my connection with 12:34.

I have been studying spiritual prosperity recently and I noticed that Luke 12:34 is “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

This fits with what I have been learning.

Steve gives some tips on how to use the magic numbers to help get insights into your subconscious.  I plan to start looking into how the number 12:34  shows up and pay attention to what I am thinking in that moment.

I often wake up in the night an notice that the clock reads 12:34.  I will also have to start paying attention to what I was dreaming about when I wake up at this time.

If you also have a match with 12:34, please comment.

Update: More on 12:34 and also some thoughts on 11:11 in this post: 11:11

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  1. Ok I’m really GLAD everyone who has wrote in here as the similar story as mine….. I too would wake up in the middle of the night and glance at the clock it says it 12:34. When ever I’m layin down and wake up I see that time more often than ever I too thought that was my time of death. Ehhhhh. And what’s more freakin me out is seein several of u peeps sayin abt the street lights,they too go off and on when I. Mostly walk under them.. Not all of them though There is one that does it to me all the time never fails!!!! I even teased a friend that the light will go off and it did LOL. As much it freaks me I rather tease with a person ! I’ve seen this time for like maybe 20 years now I can’t recall the first time but I do get freaky abt it. So like at 12:33 I wud see that time I wud just freeze,just NOT do anything till 12:35. But when I do see 12:34 I just sit there or lay there and wait for it to pass. I’m so glad I’m not alone on this but sure doesn’t help lol its more bizzare now. I too would like to know what’s this is all about. PLZ let me know !!! Now before I go I want to also mention this my first born was born 11-11-87.

  2. For a while now I’ve been seeing 12:34 or 1:23 also 3:21. The only time I look at my phone to check the time its in perfect ascending or descending order. Its like getting a sign from the time like its telling you you’ve done something good/bad im not sure but it freaks me out a little bit im going to look a bit more into it , I want to find out why this happens so I ca improve on what im doing wrong or continue what im doing right.

  3. same thing everyday both myself and my husband see 1234 (weird ) that’s why trying to find out who else sees this or the meaning behind it?

  4. Hi Mike,alot of people say it nothing, but believe me it is something. I also been seeing these numbers, what people fail to understand is that to see that number on a clock frequently is strange. the chances are 720 to 1, so to see any number that often is remarkable. I’m sure somewhere down the road it will come to light. In checking myself , I googled 12:34 and there is this one interesting story from the bible and it tells of this man seeing 12:34 all the time on the clock. I did read alot about it, but got sidetracked I guess. I thought it was just me but looking around different sites alot of people are seeing this. Myself, I think why would this number be showing up and to alot of people,myself I think it has something to do with the Mayan calender in ends year 12/23/2012, the 1,2,3 is there, still trying to figure out the four. 12 for the year -1+2+2+3 for month and day =4. But I think it’s something else, could be the hour,this is all just a guess, but like I said int he future, I’m sure it will more clearer. Thanks for the post.

  5. Oh My God! For the past three months, every day, sometimes twice a day, sometimes when I wake up, sometimes when I’m going to bed, the clock ALWAYS reads 12:34… I didn’t think much of it, other than my body must always want to see what time it is around 12:34… But then it started happening ALL the time!

    I’m not one to check the time often either, and the fact that I glance at clocks and they always read 12:34 is quite strange to me.

    I have been struggling with some personal issues lately, regarding my health and well being, and wondered if this 12:34 could be a sign?

    I really want to think everything will be alright… hopefully 12:34 will make it all better!

  6. Its really crazy that all these other people look at the clock at 12:34, I just recently noticed it was 12:34 and decided to google it, which led me to this blog. It’s really strange that other people notice also, i’ve told my friends about it some of them are skeptical, but some of my other friends started noticing too.


  7. OK, here’s the deal…I don’t believe in any of this hocus-pocus stuff. However, I too have been haunted by this 12:34 phenomenon. So much so, that I’ve obviously been moved enough by it that I feel compelled to Google it and now blog about it. This has been happening now for a few years. I would say the last 3-4 years actually. I’ve tried to rationalize it by saying it’s the fact that it’s sequential and my mind recognizes it as such and makes special note of it. But that doesn’t explain why I can go for hours and not look at a clock and the first time I do…guess what time it is?! Yep, 12:34. I also wake up at 12:34 more times than not, and all the rest of the examples sited by others on here happen to me as well. I will continue to visit this site in the future. Maybe more is yet to be revealed. PEACE.

  8. 12:34 is significant to my relationship with my husband. When we first started seeing each other whenever either one of us would ask ‘what time is it’ the answer was 12:34. When we would lay in bed at night laughing and talking for hours we’d finally settle down to sleep and check the clock at lights out and EVERY time it was 12:34. Now he purposely calls me at that time to tell me he loves me.

  9. My birthtime is @12:34. I see 12:34 regularly, I see 11:11 daily as well as 1:11, I see 11 a lot and 2:22. It is really something. I know something is going on. I think my life number is 5. But I dnt really know what to make of all of this sometimes. I am constantly looking for more info. And this 2010 Winter Solstice thing that is supposed to happen at 11:11 in decembmer. At times it can be overwhelming.

  10. Hey, i also see 12.34 all of the time, for me it seems to give me a sense that everything is going right. I used to think i’d just become used to looking at the clock at the same time each day, but once the power went out and my bedroom clock reset itself to 12:00, i’d forgotten to reset it and i glanced over at about 4 in the afternoon and it read 12:34. I also see the number sequence in other forms, for example just before an important exam i got a message and my phone read message 1/234. Its not just 12:34 either i also see 11:11 and 1:11 almost every day! i’d love to know what it all means!

  11. Okay so reading further into theblogs on this site people have mentioned that street lamps go on and off when they walk or drive under them, this happens to me too, there about 5 lights that constantly go on or off when i drive under them, it all seems so strange! i wish i knew what it all meant!!!!!

  12. I have been seeing 12:34 on the clock or anywhere else atleast once a day..if not twice for years now!! its alwyas 12:34…. somehow its become special to me though i don’t know what it means….
    I too reached this blog coz i googled for it just like so many here…
    im glad you all feel like me …. :))

  13. I actually have been seeing the same thing as you all have. I havent even noticed my phone number adds up to 34 as well. It doesnt seem as though anything bad happens to me thats related to 12:34. I just seem to notice it twice a day :/

  14. I’ve been seeing this number constantly and I don’t know why! I also see these numbers as well 11:22, 1:11, 9:35, 11:11, 10:10, 1:23, 9:11, 7:11, 3:16, 5:55, 4:44, 12:22 and of course 12:34. These are numbers I see frequently and they are very interseting to see. I’ve seen them in my dreams as well, but I’ve not been able to come to a conclusion. I believe these numbers indicate something in the future and I also think it has to be something of being the chosen ones, I don’t know why, but I feel it has something to do with that. Just my opinion, but it can be codes to something in the near future for us. I would also love to understand the meanings of these numbers. Lifes a trip haha

  15. i also see 12:34p almost every day, as if something tells me to look at the time the same time every day. very weird.

  16. Has anyone ever noticed that 12:34 is yes! spelled backwards? You have to use the other way that a 4 is written though. Too wierd! I see 12:34 all the time!

  17. Another 12:34 jedi here… What does it mean? I twitt’d about it a few mins ago and then decided to google it for the 1st time ever; and found this blog. I’ve been seeing 12:34 once or even twice a day for many years now, and I can’t explain it. I’ll look into the Bible for answers. There must be an explanation. God Bless You all 12:34 visioneers.

  18. I thought i was the only one experiencing this kind of freak coincidence..
    Same to some of you, I’ve always noticed this kind of freaky numbers on my clock.. I thought it was just nothing from the first few times I saw this when I woke up early midnights but time has come when I always sees it in my laptop and my psp.. Kinda weird when I ask someone about time and they says “12:34”.. My nerve gets cracking everytime I see it and I don’t know what this would mean to me.. My wife always says to me to always think positive about it, but I always questioning myself why would this time always appears..
    I really mean everything I says here.. I don’t usually look at time but there’s a point in my everyday life to see time and coincidence that its 12:34.. Hope you’ll help me what this number or time means..

  19. never in a million years did I think other ppl are seeing the same thing and then blogging about it I’ve seen this number for over a year now I just decided to google it and this blog is freaking me out everytime I look at my cable box its 12:34

  20. I have experienced 12:34 for the last 15 years and I am 25. I have woken up, seen it daily, and in every medium that would display numbers. There is a huge importance in this for me and made me shiver reading all of your posts. Here is why, and YOU need to READ this.

    My brother and my dad both turn off street lamps, how ever I do not. My mother can feel when something bad is about to happen. And has witnessed major devastation after. I see 12:34 and also get premonitions. I remember most to all of my dreams and have had one major recurring dream.

    A lady two nights ago stopped me at work to talk to me. She revealed some crucial information which may be related to 12:34 during our discussion. However we did not talk about 12:34 nor did it come up. Last night my friend told me ,with out knowing of my conversation with the lady told me he can

    In the last few days I have had an awakening. The hairs on the back of my neck and arms have stood more times in the last three days than ever in my life. I am a former Marine and have been to war in Iraq twice! Invaded in 2003 and in Fallujah 2005.

  21. sorry hit the wrong button. start at the end of the third paragraph…had another written for a diff. section later after it….

    told me he can make a pinwheel spin with his mind. I believe him. He is simple, very naive, and innocent. Tonight I am posting this. If you had heard of what I have just written or what you are about to read, please leave a comment, whatever it may be.

    During my life I have experienced a phenomenon what I have just learned the name of ,from the lady, that is Caros and Chronos. Caros is time when many things happen in your life. Changes, extremes, emotionally, physically, professionally, and pretty much every other aspect of your life.

    Chronos is the time or times in your life when you are experiencing very little change and things seem to be peaceful or relatively uneventful in comparison to times of Caros.

    There is another phenomenon that I have just learned about that is called the Law of 3’s. Or God’s signature. During almost every point in my life when I have been experiencing Caros I have also experienced 3’s. Major things happening in threes successively and largely to my benefit! So major and often that I can specifically remember each occurrence, set of three, and recognize the phenomenon.

    I am a sales manager at a car dealership and I sold this woman’s son a car. She didn’t make a peep the five hours she was there to anyone other than her son or daughter. She didnt even hardly speak to her son’s salesperson. It was towards closing time and she just started talking to me. We spoke about everything. Normal stuff. I made a comment about the new movie ‘The Book of Eli’, how I liked it and the religious theme it had. At that time she said she was religious and then I told her of a movie ‘What Dreams May Come’.(if you havent seen it, watch it!) We spoke about dreams and she had answers to questions I have had all my life with out me telling her what about! I have never been religious, I have always been the type to steer away from religious people. In the past I have always patronized them by talking to them and hearing what they have to say, being the devil’s advocate taking the other side just for argument sake. They have never said anything meaningful to me ever!!! Always uneducated zealots. Not the other night. I was blown away. I am not stupid. I did not give any information or body language away for her to take in and use. I was skeptical and patronizing to say the least. I asked her questions with no relevance to what we were speaking about. I got answers to those questions that confirmed what I have experienced. I told her nothing of my dreams but instead asked her what different colors and numbers meant, in dreams, in general. When she told me what the meanings were, they absolutely confirmed what I had always concluded my recurring dream meant. Believe me that the colors of those things, and those things in my dream are very important, and have always been my entire life. I have had this recurring dream a handful of times, spread out, during my life since I was young.

    I feel that this is not all a coincidence, that this is happening to me for a reason. I feel that something, what ever it is, is on the horizon and will be here shortly. I have been in chronos for awhile now. Lately over the last few months and with the birth of my first child, Ethan, a five month old now. I believe that I am entering a Caros again and that this Caros may have the most significance in my life and possibly the lives of others. I fear this may be a Caros for many.

    It is so hard to get this all out with this small box. I just sat down, googled 12:34 four different ways, found this site and started writing. I wrote what I wanted to be my last paragraph right away and now want to change it a little.

    In the last few days I have had an awakening. I am much more sensitive to everything now. It feels as if my senses pickup more than they used to and the hairs on the back of my neck and arms have stood more times in the last three days than ever in my life. I am a former Marine and have been to war in Iraq twice. The invasion in 2003 and in Fallujah 2005. This is the most scared, excited, nervous, and anxious I have ever been! Please comment if you have experienced anything related at all or at least tell me you think Im crazy if you really do.



  22. I notice it all the time too,first it was just when i looked at the time but ive seen it other places.The other day i was watching a baseball game and the camera man showed 2 the backs of the left fielder and center fielder,and both players numbers were 12 and 34.was weird.

  23. I have been seeing 12:34 since 2003. I see it almost every day and not just on my clock. I have tried to convince myself that it’s just a habit of looking at the clock or I wake up at that point. Except; I still see it after the time changes and when I see it; I feel like it’s significant, but I have no clue what it means. I am going to make a 12:34 shirt and wear it around and see if people approach me since I am not alone in my…12:34. Maybe I’ll tattoo it on my forehead when I finally go crazy…

  24. hi for 6 months now ive noticed this time im glade to see its not just me i have no ideal what it means but a comment above says there a 1 in 700 chance of seeing it thats gotta be more than a coinsedence i may start using them as my lotto numbers just in case 🙂

  25. I have experienced the 12:34 “thing” for years now – several times a week. I don’t feel “afraid” or “freaked out” when I see it, actually I seem to have a feeling of well being. I know my statement sounds strange, but I have felt it was a spiritual “thing” for quite awhile now. When I see 12:34 on the clock, it makes me feel like God is with me, and strengthens my faith. If there is nothing more to it than my feeling stronger in my faith and closer to God then, for me, it’s not a bad thing.

  26. I have been seeing triple numbers since 2004. I woke up one night at 1:11am, the next night it was 2:22 and the next night it was 3:33am. I took it for a sign. The next several years have been a crazy expansion of spirituality and enlightnement for me when I used to be an atheist. It has become a huge part of my life to find the answers, the answers to what I am not sure. I just know that it means something significant. I can can feel it. Its like a count down or something…

    Now I see 4:44 and 5:55, and still see 3:33 and 2:22 often. The one I see all the time is 12:34, which just started about three years ago. I have looked all over the web for answers as well, but there has been only information that your guides or angels are talking to you.

    I read Ken above and I have always thought that this was a sign of something such as we are chosen. Chosen for what I am not sure, but I think we are not supposed to know until it happens, whatever that thing is.

    I have always had a thing with numbers even as a child. I would add numbers up to deduce them down to a single digit, remember phone numbers and birthdays after being told one time. I have asked many people and have only met one person who I know in person who experiences this. She ahs one of the oldest souls I have ever encountered.

    Anyway, this is interesting for sure, but my intuition tells me that it goes much farther than angles tellign us messenges. There is something to this. Just the way it occured with me, a countdown, 111, then 222, then 333 one night after another then an amazing spiritual journey. It is purposeful in a whole sense, as in destiny, fate, or some path that is pre determined, not just a messege for right now, I do believe.

  27. FOR IAN:

    I am a medium so I do understand, and I had several of those things occur to me right before Iw as awakened. I would talk to people and they would know just waht to say to me, like they were giving me a messege, total strangers. I can see things in people eyes, and I know there is some sort of darkness out there.

    These numbers to me mean just what you said, something is on the horizon, and I don;t know what, but I am not afraid of it. I do not think it is as simple as a message from an angle for right now, although it might be. I think that people who see this are seeing them for a reason. I think we are supposed to do something, but what I do not know…. I keep feeling something, but I am not sure what…

    I hear you for sure…

  28. I am also someone who sees 12:34 more often to be normal.
    I recently read a book called The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield. He dedicated his book to Sarah Virginia Redfield. This was his dedication:

    And thos who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of
    the expanse of Heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.
    But for you, David, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time. Many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase.
    Daniel 12:3-4

    I would not call myself religous, but maybe spiritual. I wouldn’t call this book religious either, but insightful. I have positive thoughts for everyone who may be intuitive and just don’t know it yet.

  29. Thank you so much for your reply Ronda. I appreciate it very much. Could you explain to me what being a medium is to you, as well as what you would define your awakening as? I am not familiar with these things, and the only knowledge of any of this, is from what I have experienced and realized myself.

    I witnessed my friend move his pinwheel last weekend. It was creepy, yet not scary since it was only a pinwheel. He had me try, and I’m pretty sure I made it move a whole rotation, with it not being him.

    In response to being chosen, I think we very well may be. I’m not sure why, or to what purpose either. One thing I am sure of is the fact that we all met here has a significance. Even more important is that there are so FEW of us. I mean if this happened to any NORMAL person, like it happens to US then I think there would be millions of posts. I live in the U.S. and there are 380 million living here and almost all have internet access in some way. Take our posts and divide by 380,000,000 and that’s a pretty small percentage.

    I haven’t spoken to the ‘lady’ since I last posted. I wanted to explore some other things first. Javier mentioned looking in the Bible for answers. I believe it may have answers. I’m going to speak to her soon. I have compiled a list of questions for her. If anyone has questions for her let me know. I will ask for you and return a post with an answer.

    I have had a small chronos since I have last posted. I believe this post will bring me back into my larger kairos. I ask everyone to look for kairos and chronos in their own lives. I also ask everyone to be aware of the Law of Three’s. Please post your experiences.

    -Ian Eddington

  30. Hello all.

    For such a long time now, for longer than I can remember I have also been seeing 12:34 on clocks. I saw it again earlier today. I don’t know why but I just decided to google it, I don’t even know why I was thinking of it.

    I can’t honestly say I notice it in other places, apart from clocks, but I will keep an eye out from now on.

    The main thing that grabbed me was the mention of feeling that something was on the horizon. That shook me to my core, as I have also had this feeling. Not only that, but the feeling is getting much, much stronger. I feel something is imminent.

    I too am non religious, but feel more spiritual. I don’t make lights go off, but I do have this strong feeling that I can move things with my mind. I have tried countless times to do this but always fail. When I was younger, I remember thinking I had the ability to change traffic lights at will, it always seemed to work and was a standing joke in the family. I don’t think I can do it now, but I seem to know instinctively that they are about to change.

    Something is coming. Soon.

    Peace to all.


  31. I also see 12:34. This morning the image of an ex school mate appeared in my mind and then, after a few hours I saw him on the street, I looked at the clock and it was 12:34… I also find strange the fact that many of us wrote on this blog in the same period.

  32. i looked a little further into the 12:34 and on a kosher torah website i found that someone had made a mathmatical code to find a “hidden message” in the torah. they took every 1,234th letter and got a message about nuclear warfare in either the year 2000 or 2006. it didn’t happen either of those years, but maybe our calender is off by a few years. I’m not a dooms dayer, and i don’t think the world is coming to an end. but something is changing at a rapid rate, and i think some of us may be hear to assit in some way??!! it sounds weird writing this, like i’m a conspirer or something, but i had to add a little more to my first blog.

  33. Hi all,

    is good to see other people are still posting on here.

    I have noticed 3 12:34 in a row now, even though I went to bed early last night, I still woke to see 12:34.

    I haven’t noticed it anyplace else, apart from clocks, but I have seen a few 5:55 and 3:33 etc in the last few days.


  34. okay soo.. i didn’t plan on replying to this. but after reading everything.. and seeing that you’ve all been posting for the last few months.. i couldn’t help myself. i’ve been seeing 12:34 for some time now.. especially in the last 6 months or so. i too felt compelled to google it and see if i was alone. at first i thought i was just seeing it because i noticed it as a sequence. but then i realized i don’t check the time that often and i was seeing it AM and PM most days. Lately I see it at the last second and it turns to 12:35. but something always makes me look at the clock. and i’m never looking for it or even thinking about it until i see it. so like most people that posted i don’t know what it means, but i know it means something; whether we’re chosen for something, experiencing change/no change, or being watched over by angels.. anyways, hopefully there will be an answer soon.
    au revior

  35. I am having a similar experience for the last few days. And last night when I saw 12:34 am on my watch, I got quite freaked out since its been happening over and over again. Sometimes it happens twice a day, sometimes just once. I am not sure in what way we can help each other or if somebody has an answer to this.

  36. Seeing 12:34 again just this afternoon led me to do another online search on this frequent happening. I’m afraid I have nothing new to add here, but feel the need to post my input all the same. I also rarely look at a clock, yet when I do, it has so often been at this time-whether in the AM or PM. This has been the case for years now and I tend to keep my thoughts about it to myself.
    I too feel at these times that there is some veiled significance that I’m missing… Something I wish intensely I could connect with and derive at least some small understanding of but I haven’t. I think perhaps the reason I’ve yet to may be that I am so clouded with everything else in my life and my mind is too busy to be receptive-if there is indeed a message to be heard. But I really have no idea.
    I will say that numbers of significance to me are simple for my memory to retain-especially in an astrological sense. That may be totally separate to my 12:34 encounters, but like I said, I don’t know.


  37. To Everyone, especially Darren,

    There IS something on the horizon. Whether it is coming sooner or later. I have a feeling that WE are ALL a part of it. Hence all of us here, posting, and the small number that WE ARE. There is no doubt. Everything that each person has said, so far, MEANS a lot! We all have this in common!!!

    I believe that information is shared in a plethora of different ways. This being one. Can anyone guess why post apocalypse/ apocalypse movies and video games are IN right now?! Because it is in everybody’s SUB-CONSCIOUS. From Omega Man/I am Legend to Fallout 3, and many more, this is a COMMON trend. Why is it so?!

    I urge anyone and everyone here to DIG a little bit further into their sub-conscious lives. I urge each one of you; to please, help find the answer.

    -Ian ,360-471-4853 cell, call until 1am pacific time. (12:34 would be better though)

    “The truth is out there!” X-Files

  38. I too have the 12:34 thing happen a lot lately. For several years I’ve been seeing repetitive digits on digital clocks, gas pumps, etc., sometimes almost every hour that you can see them on a digital clock. I find that this sometimes correlates with periods of emotional stress, but sometimes it’s just out of the blue.

    I first started noticing it, along with many other synchronicities, after my dad passed away a few years ago. It gives me a feeling of well-being, of being connected with a higher power, but I could just be crazy. 🙂 I’ve read that these synchronicities happen when you’re in “flow” — like when you’re in alignment with your personal destiny and greatest good.

    I’ve also had interesting things happen lately, like hoping to see certain people I hadn’t seen in awhile, then they randomly cross my path the next day. I had many things stolen last year, and I calmly wished for one of the items back, and it was returned to me by the police. Some of the coincidences are just uncanny. I’ve read a lot about law of attraction, creative visualization, etc., but I can’t seem to master the process, especially emotional detachment. I find the times it “worked” were when I was calm about whatever I wanted, but it’s hard to replicate that state of mind.

    I do believe we’re in a time of major change — hopefully exciting, beneficial, positive change. I believe the best thing to do is to just have gratitude to whatever Spirit you feel connected with any time you see these signs. I think being thankful is the key to many things, as I’m finally realizing. Peace and best wishes to you all.

  39. I’ve been seeing 12:34, 2:22, 3:33, 5:55 and other numbers with double digits at the end. For instance, it is now 1:55.

  40. This must post in a different time zone, but nevertheless, you can see the 55 at the end (comment above). This phenomenon has slightly been creeping me out, but I’m glad to know others have the same thing going on. I have lights turn on and off too, and once walked into the room and a tv turned on by itself. Don’t know what the numbers are all about, but I’ve made my own meaning for the triple digits–“keep my mind on the Trinity.”

  41. This is crazy.

    For about 5 or 6 years now i have been looking at the clock at 12:34. It’s not as if i try to catch this time everyday or that i anticipate it at all. It’s as if my body is on auto drive and my eyes are drawn to the clock at this time. I have tried to figure out the significance of the digits in my life but can’t find their relevance. I Have for a while feared these numbers as if it symbolized the day or my death or something crazy so if anyone else has insight into what this time or numbers might mean please, send your thoughts.

    I have also had the time 11:11 occur a lot but not near as much as 12:34.

  42. man i been seein this 12:34 shit for about 2-3 years now, the shit use to freak me out, i was seeing it average (2-3) times a day. im only 20 this has been happening since early highschool. lol i see it now and i just laugh, i use it as a mark that im doing good in life or moving on, i know that when i see it im alright, it never harmed me so i said fuck it ima use it for a good use. i been looking it up and trying to find information on the numbers, i just think its interesting because i only look at my watch about 2-3 times a day and for some odd reason between those times i will see it, randomly. even happens around my friends has happend multiple occassions and they get freaked out at it and call me weird lol i can give a fuck tho we all laugh anyways lol. i dont do this forum bloggin shit whateva u wanna call it i just want twitter followers so fuck with me (FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @SuperstarSpitaz) THANKS TO ALL 12:34 FOREVER!

  43. I’ve been seeing 12:34 for quite some time now. Even moreso lately, which led me to Google it tonight. I was blown away to read all of these posts. I’m a numbers guy and I’ve always been interested in number/letter counting and valuation. The fact that I keep looking at the clock at 12:34 is starting to feel extraordinary. I try to rationilze it as coincidence, but the frequency is starting to make me feel like it’s more.

  44. Wow. That’s amazing that all of you have seen the same thing. I’ve had this happen for years now also. I often think of it as a negitive such as my time of death or the month/day/and year and time I will die such as January 2, 2034 at 12:34? I don’t know. But I am hoping it is a positive number for me. My favorite number and my lucky # is 23. But, my unlock number is “10”, and 1+2+3+4=10. I don’t know, but now at least I know i’m not alone. Thank for blogging and hopefully one day we all find out the significance of this. Happy Hunting.

  45. Hi!

    I’ve been seeing 12:34 for a few years now, but first it happened and then went away and came back again. I don’t know if this is significant or not. Also I dont know if this has any meaning but I can always sense when something bad is going to happen like stuff that has happened to family or friends. Again like many of us on here I thought it was coincidence at first but now I see it everywhere without thinking about it like, my alarm clock, the screen at work, my phone, ipod etc. This is nearly nearly twice everyday, sometimes just once a day though. This has to be more than coincidence because of the frequency of it happening. I wasn’t sure but with all of us on here having the same thing happen it has to mean something but again like everyone i have no idea why.

  46. Hi, I’ve been seeing these times for a short while now but I’d never thought to google it. Anyway, someone suggested I did and here I am.

    I don’t know if this adds to the confusion but has anyone noticed that if you list all these special tinmes and measure the difference in minutes between them the result is quite weird.

    Time Minutes between


    This seems like some kind of pattern. I don’t know what this means.

    If anything

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