Jeep Cherokee Transmission mount repair

New Transmission mount

The BA 10 transmission uses a different mount than the other transmissions. For a long time these mounts were hard to get after Chrysler discontinued them and there were no after market part available. However, now Crown Automotive makes a replacement. Part number 8350 5567.

Years ago when mine broke, I repaired it by placing a bolt in the center to hold the two halve together. This was meant to
be a temporary repair but has been in place for several years now. The bolt had begin to loosen and more wear had allowed the mount to move around under load.

Old worn jeep transmission mount

So tonight I replaced it with the Crown part.

I began by supporting the transfer case on my transmission jack. I then removed the four 13 mm nuts that hold the cross member to the mount. Next I removed the four 15 mm bolts that hold the cross member to the Jeep. Next I removed the four 5/8″ bolts that hold the mount to the transmission. This is different from other Jeep transmission that only have two bolts holding the mount. The mount also holds the exhaust but that just slips out.

To install the new mount I first warmed up the rubber that holds the exhaust as it was very cold in the shop. This heating allowed the hanger to slip easily into the mount. Next I installed the four bolts that hold the mount to the transmission.

Next, I lowered the transmission slightly on the jack and attached the cross member to the mount using the four nuts. As often happens when the mount is worn or broken, the cross member was offset form its mounting holes while on the jack. I used a pry bar to move it into place and started the first bolt.

I jacked the transmission back up into place and I then started the other three before tightening them all down. I then lowered the jack and checked the torque on all the bolts.

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